Author Topic: After activating the post type podcast I am not seeing some strange behavior  (Read 596 times)


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I have setup the post type feature for my portfolio and the portfolio allows me to use a grid layout with lightbox capabilities for the videos. I used the shortcode to add the video to the grid lightbox and I also added the mp4 link to the blurbby box at the bottom of the portfolio post.

The problems I am having are as followed.

1. The video does not appear on the page, it only shows in the lightbox.

2. The open in a new window and/or the download links to not show up in the post either.

3. The videos are having a hard time showing up correctly in the lightbox as well.

I can live with the videos not working correctly but having the links and videocast appear in the page are essential.

I have a premium license or the JW-Player and if I can get that setup for my videocast I would prefer that instead of the other players.

What do you suggest?

My site:

Ps. The podcast channel seems to be working correctly. But for the videcast I wanted to give people an option to view the videos fast in lightbox mode without having to go to the individual page. without catching it on page.

Thank you

Seth Riley


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It sounds like your theme is nesting an additional "loop" which is causing the problem. For more details, Google "WordPress Loop" to understand how the "loop" works.

Does the JW-Player work, just PowerPress players do not? Or are you having the problem with the JW-Player player as well? Do you have this problem when you use the default twentythirteen/twentyfourteen theme?