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I am looking for advice on configuring the Powerpress V5.0 plugin so that I can create separate podcast feeds for each of the multiple categories on a single custom post type.

Specifically, I have a custom post type called Program Episodes that allows 80 different radio programmer-producers to create an episode for a particular show within their weekly program series. KKFI 90.1 FM ( has 10 locally-produced public affairs programs for which we want to create separate podcast feeds. The web developer has created a "program category" for these 10 programs that would be connected to a podcast feed.

How can I accomplish this?
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Re: Category Podcasting with a custom post type using multiple categories
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The easiest approach is to setup separate categories using the WordPress Taxonomy feature. This gets confusing, here's my explanation which hopefully helps understand what's necessary....

Taxonomies are a way to organize data either as a flat list or in a tree structure. WordPress uses the Taxonomy feature to provide both the "Tags" and "Categories" for default blog posts.

You can create additional category silos (silo for lack of a better word to mean that you will be managing a completely different sets of categories from those already packaged in WordPress) using the Taxonomy feature in WordPress.

Once you have your custom category silo for your custom post type, you can then use PowerPress to add podcasting to that specific post type, or to the custom taxonomy term (specific category), or both.