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Email Notification Plugin for Podcasting With WordPress
« on: June 27, 2013, 06:22:34 pm »
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that there just aren't any email notification plugins for WordPress that are really appropriate for a podcast site? I've installed and tried probably a dozen plugins in the last few days and in one plugin or another have found just about all the features that I want, but can't seem to find all the features in one place at one time. The one thing I can't seem to find in any plugin is the ability to send an automatically generated notice of new posts that includes both a "Listen Now" and "Download Podcast" link. Some don't include any links back to the post and those that do all use some form of "read more," which is totally inappropriate for a podcast and might even leave some subscribers thinking you decided not to do a podcast today and just posted a text message instead.

I've contacted some of the better notification and/or newsletter plugins that I've tried and submitted these issues as feature recommendations for future versions. However, perhaps it's time for Blubrry, or someone in this forum, to consider developing an email notification plugin tailored to podcasting. As I see it, the primary features would include:

  • Subscription form widget.
  • Ability to import/export subscriber lists.
  • Automatically generated new post notifications that include the post title (bold text that is a clickable link), the text of the new post (or an excerpt), "Listen Now" link (opens browser to new post) and "Download Podcast" link (downloads mp3 file). Ability to include a banner image would be nice. Also, ability to switch between "listen now," "read more," or even "watch here" links on a per post basis would be nice for those of us who sometimes write an article or record a video that we want to include in our main website feed.
  • Links for "unsubscribe" and "view in browser" and other CAN-SPAM required type of stuff.
  • Newsletter type features and the ability for people to subscribe to different lists might be beneficial to some of us, but isn't essential.

If anyone has found a plugin that includes all of the above features, please, tell the rest of us about it.
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