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Power Press Support Policy Updated: 2-28-13
« on: February 28, 2013, 06:38:40 pm »
PowerPress Support Policy

PowerPress is a free plugin that has tens of thousands of users. To keep our team as productive as possible and make advances to the plugin, please read our support policy. Free support issues that require Angelo to respond will be done strictly when he has availability. We cannot guarantee that Angelo will review the forum daily.  Mike and the rest of team will provide additional support whenever possible.

Our paying customers are always our highest priority. So please indicate whether you are a paying customer in your forum post.

Support for PowerPress will be conducted in this forum only!

When you submit your issue in the forum, it is important that you give us the following info about your site:

1. Are your a paying customer? Yes/No
2. Your show name
3. Your site URL
4. Your contact email
5. Your feed URL
6. Details on how you are using the plugin, channels, categories etc.
7. List any caching or SEO plugins you may be using
8. Your template creator

This will help us help you without needing multiple posts to get the basic info above.

Phone Support - Will only be conducted by appointment and a minimum support fee of $100 per call / instance for all customers.

For phone support, we will need the following in addition to the info above before making an appointment:

1. Submit a Diagnostics Report - Go to PowerPress "Tools" section, bottom of page, click "Diagnostic Support" and email that report to
2. Finally we need you to PayPal $100 to

Once that information is provided and payment made, we will schedule a tech support call with you during normal business hours M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

We strive to make your PowerPress podcasting experience as quick, easy and pleasant as possible and welcome community submitted tutorials etc.  We work hard to answer all questions and respond to issues you might have with PowerPress. We hope you understand, however, that this is in addition to supporting our podcast hosting and premium statistics customers, assisting podcasters on advertising deals and undertaking our ordinary business day responsibilities. All these activities enable us to maintain PowerPress as a free plugin that thousands of podcasters use as the lifeblood of their shows.

As a community you can assist us by assisting each other. This  forum is a place where you can ask questions of your fellow media creators and get answers. We’ll do our best to give you feedback as well!

You can save us and yourself time by:

  •     Search the forum for your question to find solutions that have already been posted.
        Go to It’s a great resource with video instructions on many of the features.

Yes! Continue to submit your reports and questions and, importantly, touch base and help a fellow podcaster in need, paying it forward in a way that allows us to spend more on resources that will ultimately help you.

NOTE: We do not provide RSS feed support for Powerpress users that use Feedburner. Feedburner will work with PowerPress feeds, but if you are having a problem with Feedburner, you need to contact We can assist you with the feed provided by PowerPress. Please send us that address and we will provide support.

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