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2 great shows to check out
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Double Talk Radio is heard live Wednesday nights 9pm eastern or on demand in podcast.  Also in syndication on Rant Radio and WGIR
Come join us around the water cooler, with DK and the Cookie.  We talk about all the weird news, pop culture and current events of the week.  We also bring in funny, strange, and interesting guests covering topics from real life vampires, comedians, paranormal debunkers, people in the news and more.  We will sometimes bring on a guest co-host from other shows to join us for the evening. 
Talk Radio/Entertainment

NNTN Radio-its not necessarily the news, far from it actually.  Broadcast live on Sundays at 9pm est or on demand in podcast.  Soon to be in syndication.  Prime time talk radio will never be the same after you meet the International Panel of Weird.  Featuring DK, Matt Vanderpool, Kevin Schmidt, and Risa Cookie J.  What do you get when you mix two very different stand up comedians from the sticks in Ohio.  A divorced unemployed life coach with a food addiction, living with her mother in Pennsylvania and a Canadian shock jock trying to hold it all together.  We are not sure, and anything and everything may happen.  Improv and spontaneity are trump in this new international comedy.
Talk Radio/Comedy

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