Author Topic: "Could not find valid MPEG synch before end of file" on old podcasts  (Read 1287 times)


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So I am trying to update my newest podcast, started getting this error.

Tried reencoding in iTunes (was garage band) - Did not work
Tired going into the ID3 tag manually - Did not work
Read all the posts on the forums i could - did not work.

Here's the kicker, when i tried an old podcast mp3 that did work prior, getting this error. I am on version 3.0 of the plugin, though i think i always have been (dont remember upgrading at all)

Is this a known bug and is there a known fix? I have tried manually adding the path to the mp3 and adding the duration and file size manually to no avail as the player does now show up when i preview the article.

Also here is the link to the OLD podcast that did work but does not now but is still live:

Here is the link to the new one that does not work at all:
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