Author Topic: Premium Support set up/ training wordpress media application settings.  (Read 1581 times)


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looks like this is a great product!! would like the services of a PRO familair with the right structural set up configuration, tips, what to do what NOT to do, etc to establish the framework for our weekly radio show podcasts.. the twice weekly 2 hour conservative oriented radio talk showdiscusing politcs, culture, economy, and war has many unique nationally recognized guests. we would like to make aviable our full length podcasts but will also be breakign them up into segments by guest and or topic for access via our website our subscription.. need a highly competent PRO to advise us and set us up properly. will provide reaosnable fee based upon experience background and ability to SIMPLIFY organize our set up content mangment system..


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You can contact me at mike [at] and I can help you out.