Author Topic: Can't play video podcast, it keeps asking me to install Quicktime  (Read 5747 times)


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I already have Quicktime installed, but the Blubrry player keeps telling me that I need to install components to play my video podcast. It opens a screen telling me to manually install Quicktime. I have installed it over and over again, but it still won't work.

I'm trying to play my own video podcast, Raider Nation Videocast. Here is the url.


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Re: Can't play video podcast, it keeps asking me to install Quicktime
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2007, 09:39:18 pm »
Keep in mind that our player does not alter the source video in any way. So when you are streaming it through the Blubrry player it is being delivered from the original source of the content. As a result any issues with plug-ins are very likely related to the codec of the QuickTime file and the version of QuickTime on the user's machine.

What do you see when you click on the direct link ( to the video file? I would suspect that you would see the same message as you see in the Blubrry player.

I have viewed the latest episode in the Blubrry player and on your website ( using both Firefox and Internet Explorer. My version of QuickTime on my computer is 7.2. In all instances the video streams properly without any warning messages.

You may also want to update your browser to the latest version if it is not there already. Beyond that I'm not sure there is anything we can do since the player doesn't add any requirements on top of the plug-ins required to view the video directly from a normal web page.

If you can confirm that you are on the latest version of your browser, able to watch the video in your own web page and via the direct link, but only get that message with the Blubrry player then we can take a second look to see if there's some other way we can help out.