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24 - Hour 18 of Season 8 - A Different Stew...
« on: April 25, 2010, 08:28:49 pm »
The End is Coming - We are speeding toward the END not only of the 8th season of 24, but of the END - the final episode of the entire series of "24". We finished an outstanding episode review of Hour 18 recently and - wow. There are so many grand ingredients to the "stew" of this episode and that we see something so filling - man - where were some of the sprinkles of THIS episode in other episodes? Be sure to listen to this episode and pass it on to your friends and family! It's a great review of an even greater episode here in hour 18 of 24's Season 8!
Note: Also enjoy the TRANSCRIPT of our most recent "24-in60-+!" below - a great hook for people listening to our podcast that we're now sharing with our Deaf and Hard of Hearing readers! It's all part of great service from 2GuysTalking!

Listen to the "24-in-60+!"
A quick and humorous recamp of this episode of 24:

Listen to the 24 Podcast:
Complete discussion of this hour of the hit Fox show, "24".

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The Transcript of The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast's "24-in-60+!" for Season 8's 24!

24 in 60+ - Season 8's Episode 18 of the Hit Fox Show, 24!

(The buttons of a special, technological wonder machine beep, and a ticking clock engages! A cartoony voice bellows, "24 in 60!")

Sexy Agent Walker has died! A truly somber way to start this 18th episode of Season 8 of the hit fox show 24!  Jack has a touching moment with a nurse that is ushering him out of the operating room and is greeted by another nurse who has stolen clothing from an intern (clothes flap in the wind) so as to clothe now barefooted, bloody-shirted jilted post-coital hero Jack Bauer! The crisp silence is broken (incredibly loud, pointed cell phone ring) by the ear splitting sparkplug like ringing of his cell phone!  (incredibly loud, pointed cell phone ring) It's Chloe with intel! She's sorry, he's angry, and there's a whole lot of ass-kickin comin' on! (The 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast Tone rings out, a crowd cheers, delighted)

Basaev, the Russian father is due to stand trial less than a day after he was caught! Amazing! Jacks on his way to see and talk to him to find out who DID this to Renee, Dammit!

Ethan is back in politicians clothing consulting again President Taylor! she tells him that Logan has already on his way to talk to the slimy russian envoy!

Logan enthusiastically greets Nikoslavoimasonovobitch and SHINES! It's great to see local be a true craftsman with information! This information? THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT stopped the peace process including Nikoslavoimasonovobitch to stall the peace process by having President Hassan MURDERED! The price of LOGANs silence? Nikoslavoimasonovobitch must attend and paricipate in the peace talks! Ha! Back to the table for the Russians, (Soccer stadium crowd-like chat begins, a play-by-play announcer calls) Goaaaaalllll Charles LOGAN! GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

Jack Bauer arrives, somehow freshly in court, where (Basaev) The Russian Father is awaiting trial.  Along with Basaev in this early court session are his wife, daughter-in-law and grandson. Bail is DENIED! Counsel wants 5 minutes to chat with his client - Court is CLEARED! Only Bauer, Basaev and the BAILFF remain! The conversation? (whispering, loudly) JACK WILL KILL ALL OF HIS FAMILY unless he gets told who shot Sexy Agent Walker! (Bird singing sound effects) Basaev SINGS LIKE A BIRD! It was the Russian Government! Bastards! All of it, they were behind it all! The woman working with them planned it all! Her name? (drumroll) DANA/Jenny/Mole Walsh! >GASP!< Jack heads CTUWARD! (Ricochet sound)

Charles Logan (schoolboy-like giggle) is GIDDY AS A SCHOOL BOY!(schoolboy-like giggle) Why? President Taylor calls to thank him for getting the Russians back to the peace table with pen in hand! Whoohooo! (schoolboy-like giggle)  Charles Logan considers his door to potential US prestige RE-OPENED! Ha! Idiot! (Glass Breaks)

Agent Cole suddenly is told by Chloe that in addition to his fiancee' being a liar, a murderer, an undercover operative who weasels her way into eveyrone's interests both in personal and business circles, a middle layer of lazy storytelling for the hit fox show 24 in season 8, AND one of the now storied too many who have become a mole in the realm of 24, she is also - guilty of working with the Russians to kill President Hassan and to smuggle nuclear material into New York to irradiate it! Bah! That's gotta' sting, man! Boy, some guys just can pick em, eh? (laughing)

Charles Logan learns of Jacks newfound involvement and his eye (Ricoche sound) - begins to - twitch (jerky voice) - like it did - several seasons agoooooo. Ahhhhhh! It's time to ask President Taylor to intervene and shut down Jack Bauer!

(Tires screech into place) Jack Bauer arrives at CTU and is about to put the literal screws to Dana/Jenny/Mole! Ahh, screw the screws! How about some old fashion fisticuffs! Jack introduces she who is also Starbuck into the luscious set decorator's table top inside interrogation room 5! (Cartoony BONK! sound) Jack bludgeons 1 (open hand smack sound) - 2 (open hand smack sound)  - 3 (open hand smack sound)  - 4 (open hand smack sound) times with the most striking open backhand since the days of McEnroe and Dana/Jenny/Mole - spills the beans! (Boung sound!) Well almost! For yet another initiated and verified immunity deal, she'll open up the faucet of foundational knowledge and bring the whole deck of cards crashing down! (Thund sound)

President Taylor is told that Sexy Agent Walker is dead - by Charles Logan?! Jack Bauer is intent on interrogating Dana/Jenny/Mole Walsh oh - and by the way, The Russian Government is completely behind the introduction of the Nuclear Material and y'know the - whole uh, murder of the President Hassan thing. That too. Bottom line! If Jack Bauer blows the whistle, the the peace process falls apart! (first portiong of boat sinking alarm initiates) Now or never, Allison!!! (last portion of boat sinking alarm screams, echoes)

The phone at CTUNY rings and - holy schnikes! It's President Taylor who is on her way and she arrives in a short 21 seconds! (Ricochet) The President arriveth! (President Taylor's voice) Thank you to all of you during this long day for your work, your vigilance and ability to never sleep, go to the bathroom and oh - for living in perpetual fear of the server room of death. (Sniffing) By the way, what is that rotting Parole Officer in the wall panel smell? (laughing)

She meets with Jack Bauer alone and makes the urgent plea to Jack to stand down.Peace is back on track. flowers are blooming, my complexion is clear, Ethan's back from yet another stroke, and hey - we're not irradiated! All is good, Jack! The greater good Jack! Come on, move on! Hassans Widow has! Everyone's doin' it. Was Renee really that great anyway? You had a piece Jack, now let the world have peace! Do you understand!? I'm sending you via helicopter to an out of the way air force base because of course that's the best place for you right now in the storyline. No escaping and going rogue, now. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, JACK?

Jack Bauer's voice says "yes" but his thirst for justice and to make the last 6 hours of the hit Fox show EVER also a hit require something with a bit more kick! (horse whinneys)

(Helicopter fades into the foreground) Falcon 1, a helicopter-based aerial recon lands at CTU to pick up one Jack Bauer, to head to McGuire Air Force Base for debrief! But first!? Jack Bauer-based Helicopter Hijack Hi-jinx! Whoohooo! It's time for Jack to go rogue - again! And as an intern is sent to a payphone to notify the Air Force that they need to neutralize on Jack Bauer in a helicopter, the boop beep boop beep continues...

Now that you've read it, listen to it now!