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Book Hobby is a biweekly podcast aimed at an audience who would agree with our motto that "Books Are More Precious Than Gold." Each podcast features book reviews, news of books, often special features such as "Let's Judge A Book By Its Cover" and a look at what book-related magazines and other media are covering.

Show # 5 though breaks with, well, a short-established tradition and focuses on one book -- HARM by Brian Aldiss. HARM is a dystopian novel sure to interest anyone who reads today's headlines and wonders what tomorrow may bring. Is it this generation's 1984? It is certainly one of the best post 9-11 novels.

BOOK HOBBY is available here, of course on iTunes, and the direct feed is You might also like to visit our site where you can not only listen directly to the podcast but comment and leave your own thoughts in our large set of community Forums as well as look over dozens of other reviews. Thanks!

Neil Shapiro
"Books Are More Precious Than Gold."