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Battleship Pretension
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Battleship Pretension is a movie-related podcast hosted by Tyler Smith and David Bax.  Beginning in March 2007, Battleship Pretension (known to fans simply as "BP") approximates the type of laid-back, free-flowing conversations had by lovers of film around the world.
Each week, Tyler and David choose a specific topic to discuss.  These topics can range from the relevance of film critics to movies that are so bad, they're good.  In each episode, Tyler and David bring their special blend of wit and insight into the conversation, serving to both educate and entertain the listener. 
From its meager beginnings in Los Angeles, Battleship Pretension has amassed a worldwide listening audience.  From Germany to China to Australia, people have tuned in to share in Tyler and David's love of film.
As the show's following continues to grow, the format and purpose of the show remains the same: to reach out to the worldwide cinephile community and invite them to join in the discussion and perhaps even start one of their own.
Battleship Pretension.  Welcome Aboard.