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This blog dedicated to vintage / Public Domain television and recorded history. It also focuses on the developments / resources for Creative Commons and Open Source Media. The blog is for fans of  nostalgia and culture. Visitors can get quick insights to various people, films and events of the past. I have many valuable resource links on other Public Domain and Creative Commons sites; in addition to links on the Open Source/free media movement.

In addition, I deliver a free video and audio podcasts via itunes. Every Sunday will be a new download. The podcast will randomly consist of a full-length movie from any genre (horror, sci-fi, etc.),  historic speeches, music, rare clips, vintage commercials, classic service announcements, documentaries, and rare audio recordings.

It is my goal to build an archival collection of the most DIVERSE Public Domain movies, Creative Commons, Open Source film, and historical works in one podcast feed for itunes~ipod media. This has become a huge hobby of mine and it gives me great pleasure, to research and share these extremely rare and historic memories with other fans of vintage!

Members that do not own a video ipod MUST use QuickTime movie player, or any apple compatible player to watch movies. Also, any good audio player will play mp3 files.

Or subscribe directly true iTunes below...
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